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When one follows his talent and his inner voice then success and satisfaction is certain to achieve. That relates to Ivan Vrgoč, the actor and producer from Berlin. He has always felt his talent for acting and his profession as an actor.
Ivan Vrgoč: “To be an actor it wasn’t my decision at certain time, I always wanted to be an actor.”

When he draws a parallel between acting and his work as a producer he told: “The acting ist always essential.”

The first experience for Ivan Vrgoč as a producer it was his production of Rumors by Neila Simon performed by The Santinis, the acting group in which he participates.

He decided to be the producer of this performance after the Santinis had already chosen Rumors to be their first exit in front of the audience. The member of Santinis, the actress Leslie Malton, who used to work with famous directors, suggested to Vrgoč to produce this performance.
” O.K., why not to try”, said Vrgoč, he founded the production company and today he says: “Thank to God, it was successful.”

The performance was enormously successful. It was the most successful performance ever for the Theater am Kurfürstendamm in Berlin where it was performed. Every day, from 13th of January till 28th of February in the year 2013 during the performance time, there were eigth hundert people in the audience and theather was completly full. In the same period of time, Rumors was also the most attended performance in Germany.
“Just now I negotiate to go on tour with Rumors to Austria, Swiss and through Germany”, said Vrgoč.

It is demanding and requires an enormous personal involvement to produce a play and to act in it at the same time. But Ivan Vrgoč says that this kind of combination doesn’t represent a hard task for him.
Ivan Vrgoč: “This kind of combination is not difficult for me. There is a lot of work to do, but I don’t perceive it as work. As a producer I have to take account of the whole organisation, but since I am also acting in the play, I admire what I do. When I am preparing the play I don’t think about the amount of work. I have never said – Oh, what more I have to doI adore to be in this process. I really enjoy it.”


Santinis is an acting group founded by eigth famous German actors who twice together attended the workshop of the respected American acting coach Larry Moss in Berlin.
“We were all introduced to each other at the workshop of Larry Moss”, said Ivan Vrgoč. They derived inspiration from Moss’s approach to acting, directoring and to theater work. It delighted them to start a new project together which they called Santinis. Moss’s capability to motivate the actor was the main impetus for that.

“He knows how to motivate the actor so that he can completely be ready to take a role”, says Vrgoč and he continues: “The aim of Moss’s school is that the actors serve the purpose to support the main idea of the author. The actors only execute the author’s idea. Often the idea of the author is not in the first place but more directoring. The director puts his own ideas with the goal to make his art visible that once can be seen as his handscript. The role of a director is to respect the author’s work, he should go together with all actors on the journey and to discover what the writer wanted to say, and not to bring ideas which are not written in the script.”

The first performance of Santinis was a comedy, and about his plans in the future Ivan Vrgoč says: We are looking for another play and another theatre because we don’t like to play a comedy again in the same theatre.”

Theatre and film actor

Ivan Vrgoč has acted in a comedy in Frankfurt and in Munich. On the question if he likes comedy or if it hapened by chance to play multiple times in a comedy, he answered:

Ivan Vrgoč: “I like comedy, but it was by chance that I acted in a comedy in Frankfurt, and then the same performance went to Munich.”

Ivan Vrgoč attended the acting school in Cologne and Berlin. He has acting experience in theatre and in film. In the performance of „Was ihr wolt or Twelfth Night or What You Will” by Shakespeare he performed the two main roles.
Ivan Vrgoč: “It was very inspiring to play two big and main roles in the same performance.”

He told he doesn’t have any desire for a specific role.
Ivan Vrgoč: “As I am personaly changing, my desire for the roles are also changing. When I was in twenties I wanted to performe other roles than now. I like that kind of job, but I would’t like to prioritise one or another role.”

It was interesting from the position of an spectator to hear how the the actor perceives the audience from the stage.
Ivan Vrgoč: “I feel the audience and that feeling is very important. Nevermind how deep I am involved in my role or with the co-actors on stage, it is impossible to ignore the energy of five, six or eight hundert people in the audience. That is important. It is important to understand the audience; to feel if it is focused on the play, if it is enthralled by the performance. That doesn’t mean that I look where somebody sits, I am not interested in that, but I feel the audience. It is just a feeling, and not soemthing I am thinking about.

He was acting in many films, and two years ago, in the film Die vierte Macht, he acted together with the actor Rade Šerbedžija. He says that he has an enormous respect towards him as an actor and he would like to work with him again in the future.

Ivan Vrgoč was born in Frankfurt am Main, where he lived before he went to Berlin. His origin is Croatian. He goes with his family every year to Croatia, mostly to Split and the surrounding area where his parents were born.


Interview with Ivan Vrgoč held in April 2013

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