Luis Alberto Lovrincevich – A New Artistic Expression

Luis Alberto Lovrincevich

Luis Alberto Lovrincevich

Luis Alberto Lovrincevich, an Argentinian artist from La Rioja and descendant of Croatian emigrants, has shown his sculptures for the first time.

He is known for his own technique “urdiraña” in which he pulls the thread (“urdi”) creating unique works of unrepeatable beauty with fantastic virtuosity like a spider (“raña”).

Until now he has been creating works that one can view and perceive as an image. Now his artistic expression is realized spatially, in the form of sculptures, achieving the visual effect of movement in space and time.

Luis Alberto Lovrincevich

Luis Alberto Lovrincevich

Speaking of his sculpture, Luis Alberto Lovrincevich said:

Luis Albert Lovrincevich: “In my sculpture the fourth dimension is integrated. In addition to the height, width and volume, there is a visual impression of movement created and by this also time, the movement through time. ”

The sculptures of Luis Alberto Lovrincevich, similar to his “images”, truly exude a fascinating combination and harmony of colors which attract views and draw attention of observers.

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