Piano Star Diana Brekalo and Composer and Pianist Matej Mestrović Promoters of Croatian Cultural Heritage at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2014

Dubrovački Trombonijeri (Fotograf: Lovinčević Jasna)

Dubrovački Trombonijeri (Fotograf: Lovinčević Jasna)

The Croatian summer festival with the longest tradition, The Dubrovnik Summer Festival, this year for the sixty-fifth times is opened traditionally on 10th of July with the grand opening ceremony in front of St Blaise’s Church: with raising the festival flag “Libertas”, with the “Hymn to Freedom”, final verses of the poem „Dubravka“ by Dubrovnik poet Gundulić, the ceremonial artists’ enter into the city and the fireworks at the end of the programme.

About two thousand artists from Croatia and the whole world participate in eighty , drama, music, ballet, folk and other programmes to nearly twenty different locations in town of Dubrovnik turning the whole city into a big stage. Flaming torches will also this year point out the venue of the festival’s programme to visitors of Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Minčeta (Fotograf: Lovrinčević  Jasna)

Minčeta (Fotograf: Lovrinčević Jasna)

Exhibition in Sponza Palace

As part of the accompanying programme of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in the Sponza Palace and the Multimedia Center Visia, until 19th of August, will be opened a retrospective exhibition entitled „ Memory Creators – Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s Photographers and Designers “, accompanied by a documentary film „Summer Festival“ from State Archive in Dubrovnik and Croatian Radio Television. There are 34 posters and 107 photographs exposed in Sponza Palace. The authors are renowned Croatian photographers and painters, who had by cameras recorded and by brush-pencile created glorious moments of Dubrovnik Festival since its establishment in the 1949.,

Diana Brekalo (Fotograf: Lovrinčević Jasna)

Diana Brekalo (Fotograf: Lovrinčević Jasna)

Drama And Music Program

Within the extensive drama programme this year will be performed the favorite performances of Uncle Maroje by Marin Držić, Equinox by Ivo Vojinović, and with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Castle of Skočibuha will be marked the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. Besides Marin Držić and Ivo Vojinović, the authors of Dubrovnik, Shakespeare is the most frequent performed author in the history of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

This year’s music programme is marked by baroque, the style which adorns most of Dubrovnik famous buildings. The acoustics of the space surrounded by stone walls, harmony of music sound and beauty of architecture shapes, will provide for audience a unique artistic experience.

It is interesting that this year the Dubrovnik Summer Festival has began with the performance of the pianist Matej Meštrović, who is the extraordinary Croatian composer and director known as the promoter of Croatian monumental heritage at UNESCO, and the final piano concert will be played by piano star Diana Brekalo who promotes the Croatian composers.

Meštrović Matej

Meštrović Matej

Matej Meštrović

Matej Meštrović with his Sudar Percussion Ensemble performed the first concert of the Dubrovnik Festval on 11th of July. He is the author of the music for the grand opening ceremony of the
Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2014 and for the last year opening too. He has received several awards in Croatia and abroad. His CD entitled „Sounds of Velebit“ reached the high level of distribution together with the magazine “National Geographic” . For his film Croatian Dream Matej Meštrović received the award for the best artistic film in all categories at the International Festival of Tourist Films Tourfilm 2005 in Poznan.

Diana Brekalo

The renowned Croatian and German pianist Diana Brekalo will perform Scarlattiana, Op. 44 by A. Casella as a soloist with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra under the conductor of Nicola Giuliani, in the atrium of the Rector’s Palace on 23th of August. Pianist who regularly receives standing ovations for her concerts, extraordinary artist famous for her convincing interpretations , called the German Piano Princess, Diana Brekalo is known as a creator of bridges between the Croatian and Germany, the UK and other countries around the world. In her repertoire she has regularly the challenging works of Milko Kelemen, the Croatian and world composer. In London, in a series of concerts Diana Brekalo has also performed the works of other Croatian composers like Ivo Josipović and Mladen Tarbuk.

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