Singer -songwriter Marijana Vuko And Janus Band At The Festival “Musik unter 15 Eichen”

Marijana Vuko

Marijana Vuko

Singer-songwriter Marijana Vuko and her new composed Janus Band with clarinetist Senna Coomans from Belgium, performed on the first day of the music festival “Musik unter 15 Eichen”, held on 27 and 28 July this year, in Buer in Germany.

The stage bathed in the July sun, green fields, the deep shadow of oaks and an audience that expected uniqueness were the inspiration for Marijana, who once again captured the audience with her poetic music and dancing. Members of the band Janus showed their excellence; Andreas Horn, a musician with a fantastic sense for Marijana’s music and lyrics, and Senne Coomans, a recognized clarinetist of classical direction with the titel of Master of Music. For Senne Coomans it was easy to fit into the group by enriching the sound of the band.

Janus Band, Marijana Vuko, Andreas Horn and Senne CoomansThe invitation to perform at this festival, which supposed to be established and its uniqueness that will attract the audience also in subsequent years had to be created, certainly is a tribute to Marijana Vuko and Janus Band.

The festival “Musik unter 15 Eichen”, which was held for the first time, started with a performance of Jagdhornbläsercorps Grönegau. It included music of different styles like blues, jazz and pop including musicians like Udo Schild, Wolfgang Grieger with “High Nees”, and Stephan Rodefeld with “Blue Eyed Camel”. Musician, actor and entertainer Stephan Rodefeld was also one of the performers and at the same time one of the organizers of the festival.

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