Exhibition of Valentina Kvesić and Marijan Dadić in Mittelrhein-Museum on the occasion of 25th jubilee CCA Koblenz


Exhibition of Marijan Dadić and Valentina Kvesić (Photo: J.Lovrinčević)

In the light-filled space of the Mittelrhein-Museum, in the Forum Confluentes, in Koblenz abstract paintings by Valentina Kvesić and paintings of strong expressions by Marijan Dadić have created an atmosphere that encourages life plunging into its depths; the magical colours of poetic compositions in the paintings by Valentina Kvesic, and paintings by Marijan Dadić from his cycle “Music and dance”, the image of St. Francis as well as picture with reminiscences of landscapes from his homeland.


Members of CCA Koblenz (Photo: J. Lovrinčević)

 Exhibition Opening

The exhibition, opened from 18th to 25th of April 2015, was organized by the Croatian Cultural Association Koblenz on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment. The exhibition was opened by Mr Josip Spoljarić, Consul General of Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Frankfurt am Main. Previously, the young musician Tihana Lovrinčević had performed her own composition “The Dawn” on the guitar accompanied by the guitarist Dragan Lovrinčević. The dynamics and the rhythm of this programme music piece expresses the birth of the day with playful tones presenting the domination of light. It was a nice introduction with the music crescendo to a wide range of impressions and reflections evoked by each art painting in the exhibition.


Mr Josip Špoljarić, Consul General RC in Frankfurt am Main (Photo: J. Lovrinčević)


Exhibition opening (Photo: Peter Wayand)


Tihana Lovrinčević (Photo: Peter Wayand)

Valentina Kvesić


V.Kvesić (Photo: J.Lovrinčević)

Valentina Kvesić was born in Split in Croatia. She has completed studies of pedagogy and psychoanalysis at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. At the exhibition she presented twenty-five paintings including some artworks from her cycle “Cosmos” exposed for the first time. While making art Valentina Kvesić is continuously surrendering to the particular moment and letting her intuition guide her. The viewers’ unlimited imagination is evoked by the outlines, forms and colors in her paintings, especially in her recent works, with intense, flaming colors. Only complex titles of Valentina’ s works may represent or indicate a bridge between her two worlds, the business one and her art world. Actually, she is a human resource manager at an international company. Whether her two worlds unite or diverge in the infinity of “cosmos”, displayed in the series of her paintings with the same name (Cosmos), a subject to which Valentina always returns, it remains unknown.


Valentina Kvesić “Kosmos”

if you can dream it, you can do it_Valentina_Kvesic_5

V.Kvesić “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It”


V. Kvesić (Photo: J.Lovrinčević)


Marijan Dadić


M.Dadić (Foto: J.Lovrinčević)

The painter Marijan Dadić was born in Tramošnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After completing his studies in theology and philosophy in Sarajevo he finished Malakademie for painting and graphics in Cologne. For this exhibition he chose seventeen pictures. His paintings, devoid of details with strong, intense colors and accentuated brushstrokes, fantastically reveal the atmosphere, the emotion or the movement as it is in the painting “On the Sea”. The unity of music and emotions of musicians is expressive potrayed in the artwork “Soundbody”. The final ballet scene in “Die Vollendung” as well as the two resting reapers with a wheat field in the background in “The Talk” are a powerful representation of the atmosphere as well as the meditative atmosphere in the painting “St. Francis”.

razgovor_marijan dadic

M.Dadić “The Talk”

Na _Moru_Marijan_Dadic_Foto_J_Lovrincevic

M. Dadić “On the Sea”


M.Dadić “St. Francis”

Croatian Cultural Association Koblenz

This exhibition of Croatian artists living in Germany is an addition to the varied activities organized by the Croatian Cultural Association Koblenz (CCA). Since its establishment, it has been organizing cultural events for its members and guests monthly, including lectures, various projections or celebrations with a literary musical program, excursions and trips. The Croatian Cultural Association Koblenz has organized the performance of the Theater “New Life” from Zagreb as well as a number of musical and theatrical presentations of its honorary member Peter Wayand. Former Presidents of the Croatian Cultural Association Koblenz were: Ljerka Vivoda, Ivona Dončević, Rajko Radišić, Viktor Sinčić, Franjo Kolobara. The current president Mrs Suzana Petrović was one of the initiator of the Association establishment. She took part in preparing the brochure published on the occasion of the tenth and the twentieth anniversary of the CCA Koblenz. In the last brochure she wrote an article about the Croatian poet Malkica Dugeč, with reference to her life and work.

Izlozba_Kvesic_Dadic _Foto_Jasna Lovrincevic

Suzana Petrović (right) with guests (Photo: J. Lovrinčević)


(Photo: Peter Wayand)



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